If you have a hankering to see some celebrities die horrifically during the apocalypse, then Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's This Is The End is the movie made especially for you. Thanks to this brand new red band trailer from Machinima, we now what it looks like to see Rihanna fall in a pit that goes straight down to hell and Michael Cera getting coked out of his mind and impaled on a light post. The movie looks totally gruesome and messed up, but, most importantly, hilarious.

The movie is actually the directorial debut for Rogen and Goldberg, who adapted the film from the short they made Jay & Seth vs. The Apocalypse. As seen in the trailer, the movie features Jay Baruchel (playing himself, like everyone else in the cast) flying in from Canada to visit Rogen in Los Angeles. While there they attend a massive, celeb-stacked party at James Franco's house...but things begin to go all kinds of wrong when they realize that they're living through the biblical apocalypse.

We've been hearing a lot about the apocalyptic comedy over the last few days, as the cast assembled at WonderCon down in Anaheim this past weekend, and we got a fake out Pineapple Express 2 trailer earlier today in honor of April Fools Day, and there's surely more to come. Will Craig Robinson get any tougher? Will the group get revenge against Emma Watson? What the hell is that beast-like thing roaming through the house? All of those questions will answered when the film hits theaters June 12.

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