The Entourage Movie Settles Its Contract Disputes, Finally Moves Ahead

Because the life of Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and company apparently really is like an episode of Entourage, everything has magically worked out in the process of making an Entourage movie; according to a tweet from Doug Ellin, the series creator and intended director of the film, the HBO series is finally on its way toward the big screen. He said it all in just a few words:

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Until this very second I would have put the Entourage movie on the list of fan-demanded movies that are never actually going to happen. The series wrapped after eight seasons in 2011, and talk about a movie had started well before then, though it took until a few years later for both executive producer Mark Wahlberg and HBO to start making it sound official. As of last fall Ellin was completing the script and earlier this year, against every logical guess I would have ever made, the movie got a green light. It was there, though, that the real trouble began.

Appropriate enough for a movie about a Hollywood star and his agents, salaries started to be the devil of the Entourage movie, with Piven reportedly striking a deal for a fat percentage of the film's profits, and the rest of the guys demanding their share too. Grenier's heartfelt Instagram message didn't do much to make this seem like more than a bunch of negotiation ploys, but the real-life version of Ari Gold apparently managed to step in and save the day just in time. The production was running up against a January deadline in order to qualify for California tax credits, and with Warner Bros. reportedly demanding that the film stay under a $30 million budget, if it hadn't happened by January, it wouldn't have happened at all.

So rejoice! It is apparently 2004 again, and the Aquaman movie is going to be a hit, and the Entourage movie exists after all. All four of you who were clamoring for it can celebrate with a cruise down Hollywood Boulevard in your convertibles.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend