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With deepest regret I sumbit to you what must be the single worst trailer I have ever had the migraine inducing misfortune to watch. Epic Movie, from "two of the six writers of Scary Movie", is surely bound for Razzie fame as one of the most pathetic attempts to entertain since my friend Nigel lit his nipples on fire.

Obviously in the vein of Date Movie and the like, Fox's effort seeks to poke fun at those heroic epics we've all come to love, although you've got to belive they're running out of material when you include Paris Hilton and Borat in that catagory. Victims of their ever ending wit include The Chronicles Of Narnia, Superman Returns, X-Men, Snakes On A Plane and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, all of whom will surely curl up into the fetal position and cry when they see that their careers are over after being made fun of in a movie nobody will ever see.

In a world where Superman Returns takes a decade for execs to make, how oh how do these things happen? Watch the trailer below at your own risk, but for those of you who aren't to be bothered, I've posted the highlight image above.

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