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Hollywood beauty Eva Mendes has been cast in a mockumentary for director Bill Guttentag, not to be confused with Guttenberg. Guttentag is an award winning director, Guttenberg is an actor easily upstaged by old people and robots.

The movie is Live! and according to Production Weekly Eva plays an ambitious programming president trying to put together a highly controversial reality show. It’s controversial, because in order to win the contestants must play Russian Roulette. At least they won’t have to worry about voting anyone off.

The film will be shot as if seen through the cameras of a documentary film crew, probably to further the played out reality television theme because that just hasn’t been done enough in the dozen or other films released in the past few minutes that do exactly the same thing. I think we’ve all gotten the point by now, reality television is evil. We get it. We’ve been hit over the head with this since The Running Man back in the 80s. Guttentag isn’t exactly mining new territory here.

Hopefully, they’ll have the sense to force Eva Mendes into a bikini for the bulk of the film. That would play right into the prurient nature of reality shows that they’re so desperate to expose while at the same time distracting us all from the fact that we’ve seen this movie hundreds of times before. Everything’s better when you’re busy staring at Eva.

Live! starts shooting next month in LA. Write that down somewhere on a sticky note, because you’ll probably never hear anything about this movie again.