18) Peter Mark
Number: 24

Movies: The Mighty Ducks

Pros: Aggressive, endless supply of sarcasm.

Cons: Cancer in the locker room, lacks common sense, tiny

Analysis: Peter can wear his little leather jacket and act like a miniature thug until the ice freezes over, but that doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t have the lower body strength to clear opposing players out from in front of the net. Perhaps more importantly, he also doesn’t have the emotional control or the common sense to overhear comments and keep them in perspective. He tried to turn the team against Gordon Bombay in the first movie, and surprise surprise, he didn’t make it onto Team USA’s roster for the sequel. Thank God he didn't too because who knows what might have happened if he'd have been the one to see Bombay having ice cream with the Iceland chick.

You just can’t have people like this in the dressing room. For a team to function properly, people need to be on the same page. The importance of chemistry cannot possibly be overstated. Players slip every year in the draft because they have poor "intangibles" or they’re seen as "fit problems". Peter Mark is both.

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