Exclusive Bourne Legacy Blu-ray Bonus Feature Explores The Motorcycle Chase

The action-packed The Bourne Legacy is coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on December 11. To celebrate, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is letting fans take a look behind the scenes, with an exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip that focuses on the film’s big motorcycle chase scene. While the actors make the scene look easy onscreen, it took a little innovation and a capable team of stunt crewman to achieve some of the motorcycle chases’ most spectacular visuals.

“Stunts with Dan Bradley” is part of a longer narrative specifically discussing the motorcycle chase that will be one of several bonus features available with Universal’s release. I especially like how the segment juxtaposes shots of the behind-the-scenes footage with the actual chase scene footage that appears in the film. In the clip, Renner shows up to explain how the cast and crew tried to keep the chase “as realistic as possible,” which makes sense, due to realism being a theme in the Bourne movies. Stunt coordinator and Second Unit Director Dan Bradley really seems to know his stuff throughout the segment, although everyone talks about the scene more generally rather than getting into specifics.

Last week, we brought you a couple of additional interviews from the actors and some of the crew which also delve into some of the action and stunts in the movie. If you are interested in either Jeremy Renner’s character or Rachel Weisz’s, those clips might be worth looking into, as well. Before you leave the page, check out the cover art, below.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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