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Based on a true story, the new drama Black Butterflies stars Carice van Houten-- a new addition to the cast of HBO's Game of Thrones-- as South Africa's answer to Sylvia Plath, the writer Ingrid Jonker. Set in the 1960s, the film follows her development as a writer as well as the tragedy of Apartheid, which provides a backdrop to the film's drama. As you can see in the exclusive clip we're premiering below, though, the film's primary story concerns Ingrid's many romantic affairs, as well as her turbulent relationship with her father (Rutger Hauer), a censor for the South African government. In the clip you see the beginnings of a love triangle unfold, as Ingrid is introduced to Eugene Maritz, a fan of her work who will soon become much more.

The man who introduces them is Ingrid's current lover, Jack-- so you can see how the complications easily ensue from there. Black Butterflies is now playing through Video On Demand, and opens theatrically this Friday, March 2. Van Houten, who also appeared in Paul Verhoeven's Black Book and Bryan Singer's Valkyrie, won the Best Actress prize at the Tribeca Film Festival for her starring role in Black Butterflies. The movie opens in theaters in New York tomorrow, and you can catch it on most on-demand services now.

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