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A few days ago we shared the first promotional art for A Lonely Place for Dying, originally posted by Moviehole. I wrote that I liked the look of the images and the poster, but felt a little fuzzy on the details of the story, a 1972 tale about a Russian agent trying to sell secrets to the U.S.

Well, as happens once in a while at Cinema Blend, the movie's director answered my questions. Justin Evans sent along not only two more images from the movie, but the film's "sizzle reel," shown to potential buyers at this year's American Film Market. It's a behind-the-scenes look at the film, featuring interviews from stars Michael Scovotti and Ross Marquand as well as Evans himself. He also wanted us to know that the movie is getting its first preview screening in just a few weeks, at the Santa Fe Film Festival on Dec. 4. Usually it's those of us in New York who get the first look at things, but we'll have to rely on our friends out West to give us the scoop from Santa Fe.

I've embedded the sizzle reel below, along with the two new images. The art is still gorgeous, and the story, now that I know a little more about it, is even more intriguing. And the title, as always, kicks ass.

A LONELY PLACE FOR DYING - AFM Sizzle from Zak Forsman on Vimeo.