Exclusive: Pic From Jenna Jameson's How To Make Love To A Woman

After her stint in Zombie Strippers last year, it looks like Jenna Jameson’s mainstream acting career is really taking off. She’s got another part in How To Make Love To A Woman opposite Lost’s Ian Somerhalder, Krysten Ritter, Josh Meyers, and Ken Jeong (also known as the awesome Dr. Ken) due out later this year.

Plot synopsis goes a little something like this: Josh Meyers plays a successful career man who can’t bring his girlfriend, played by Krysten Ritter, to orgasm. The extent to which he goes in order to unlock the mystery of female pleasure is mind-blowing: and trust us, he tries every trick in the book. Does he succeed? And can this wild cast of characters around him, including the world’s most famous adult film star, help … or will they just cause more damage?

We’ve got an exclusive pic from the flick for you below, featuring Jenna being, well, Jenna. Take a look and then check out the movie’s first trailer on the How To Make Love To A Woman official site.

Josh Tyler