In 1998, at the height of their teenage box office powers, Dimension Films resurrected an eight year old script, sent it for a late 90's update and hired some of the freshest talent of the day to make it into a cult classic in training. That film was The Faculty, and seeing as it's as old as some of its protagonists were during the film's initial release, it's a great time to see what the folks involved have been doing 17 years on. We now present to you the graduating class of Robert Rodriguez's sci-fi comedy / thriller that showed what happened if the high school experience would be like, if complicated by an alien invasion.

Elijah Wood
With his role of Casey Connor, Wood continued down the path he'd started into more grown up cinema only a year earlier with his role in Deep Impact. Wood's experiences during this film's production not only set him up to re-team with director Robert Rodriguez in Sin City, it also prepared him for his iconic role in The Lord Of The Rings franchise as Bilbo Baggins. Recently, Wood's been experimenting with TV in shows like Wilfred and Over The Garden Wall, as well as with his role in this year's horror-comedy Cooties.

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