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Fast & Furious 6 Extended Trailer Is Three Minutes of Engine-Revving Glory

Don't you hate it when you finally escape to a tropical paradise with a gorgeous lady, and The Rock comes to ruin it? Dom Torretto had totally managed to escape his life of crime with his heist winnings from Fast Five, and yet, because the world needs a Fast & Furious 6, he's being brought back into action once again. For a closer look at just what that action will entail, check out the brand-new full trailer for the sixth Fast and Furious movie, embedded below.

This trailer goes a little heavy on plot, which is probably a disservice to the movie itself, since what the Fast movies do well isn't the plot, but the ridiculous and amazing stuff that happens to get you to believe in the plot to begin with. The highlights from the Super Bowl spot are all there, plus reveals of entirely new highlights-- I'm definitely most excited about that hand-to-hand combat scene between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano, since this franchise has sorely lacked an actual experienced fighter in a central role. I can't be the only one mildly disappointed by the Johnson vs. Diesel fight in the last movie, right?

Longtime fans of the franchise might find their heads spinning to see Rodriguez's Letty as the new bad guy, but I'm delighted that the movie now has a villain with real personal stakes for the lead character. Though, truth be told, I would be excited no matter what this trailer showed us. Fast & Furious 6 continues to look like exactly the testosterone, adrenaline-fueled blast we all need in a summer movie. Come Memorial Day, we may all start wishing The Rock would come interrupt our vacations too.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend