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Remember when The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift couldn’t even muster $25 million at the domestic box office during its opening weekend seven years ago? Let the record show the franchise’s successes in the years since have not been flukes. The latest installment in the series not only looks poised to win the box office crown this weekend, it looks poised to leave tiretracks all over the competing films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fast & Furious 6 earned an estimated $38.2 million during its opening day yesterday. If that momentum carries through over the rest of the weekend, the film could gross about $120 million, which would be the single biggest domestic opening in the franchise’s history. Unfortunately for The Hangover Part III, the same cannot be said.

The final installment of the uneven franchise only managed to haul in $14.5 million yesterday. Added to what the movie grossed Thursday and what it’s expected to gross through Memorial Day, the film’s total will likely end up around $65 million, which isn’t even half of what The Hangover Part II added to its coffers two years ago.

As for last week’s winner, Star Trek Into Darkness continued its solid run, taking in more than $10 million and potentially netting $40 million for the four day weekend. That’ll put the film in a dogfight for third place with the family-friendly Epic, which generated $9.4 million but will likely receive a big boost this morning from families going to matinees.

We’ll have a full box office report later this weekend. When we do, some of these numbers will likely be slightly altered, but barring some unexpected scandal that sours the world to Fast & Furious, it’s likely executives at Universal will be in line for some much-deserved celebrations.