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You’ve heard of Throwback Thursday, right? Well, Vin Diesel is attempting to trademark Toretto Tuesday, and he kicks it off with this exclusive image for Fast & Furious 7, as well as a tantalizing tease for the movie’s first trailer. When do you think that we’ll see it? God, we hope that it’s soon.

What’s Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) doing in the above shot, shared on the actor’s ever-busy Facebook page? He’s situated in a dimply-lit garage, taping up his hands, as if for battle. The image recalls Sylvester Stallone, prepping for a boxing match in a Rocky sequel, or suiting up for warfare in a Rambo movie. Knowing the plot of Fast & Furious 7, both fist-fights and vehicular warfare are possible. Even probable.

From everything that we have learned during the tumultuous filming of Fast & Furious 7, James Wan’s thriller will be a vengeance story, with Dom (Vin Diesel)< Brian (the late Paul Walker) and the gang going after Ian Shaw (series newcomer Jason Statham), the man who killed Han (Sung Kang) in both Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift AND the most recent Fast & Furious 6. Of course, Ian Shaw is angry at the Fast crew because they dispensed of his sibling (Luke Evans) in the last Fast & Furious movie. So the current of revenge is festering underneath the entire storyline, penned this time out by Chris Morgan.

Of course, the main narrative driving everything regarding Fast & Furious 7, though, will be the way that the franchise handles the tragic death of series founder Paul Walker – and how digital magic will reconstruct and recast the late actor so that the sequel could finish its work after his death. As we have reported, director James Wan relied on numerous visual tricks to complete Paul Walker’s performance in Fast & Furious 7, going so far as to lean on Walker’s two brothers to stand in for their departed sibling. The trailer should be our first look at Walker in action for the sequel. It is going to be chilling.

Or, to borrow Vin Diesel’s word, it is going to leave fans "speechless." The actor emphasizes, "Yeah, it was that INCREDIBLE!" Hard to argue with him. As always, Diesel’s Facebook page is a spectacular place to hang out and pick up Fast 7 tidbits, including trailer teases and official images such as this. The sequel will be in theaters on April 3, 2015. Do you think we’ll see a trailer soon?

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