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The Fault In Our Stars Clip Revealed At The MTV Movie Awards

Josh Boone's feature adaptation of John Green's The Fault in our Stars arrives in theaters this June, and given the timing and targeted young adult audience, the MTV Movie Awards is a good occasion to debut the latest glimpse of the adaptation. The video above was introduced during the pre-show by TFIOS stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, and shows their characters getting to know one another.

In The Fault in our Stars, Shailene Woodley plays Hazel, a teen fighting terminal cancer when she meets Gus (Elgort) at a cancer support group for kids. The story focuses on their budding romance amidst their health struggles.

The new clip shows Hazel and Gus on the day they first meet. They're bantering back and forth as Gus invites Hazel to watch a movie with him. He then tucks a cigarette into his mouth, which sets Hazel off, and understandably so. Gus turns the situation around on her, revealing that he's never once lit a cigarette. It's a metaphor, as he puts the thing that causes cancer between his teeth but never gives it the power to hurt him. It's a great little introduction to these two characters and the dynamic that forms between them as they get to know one another. Though they're young, both characters have a pretty good grasp on who they are and what they believe when they meet one another, and I think that comes through nicely in this introduction. And it's adorable.

In related news, the soundtrack for The Fault In Our Stars is now available for pre-order (opens in new tab), with Carli XCX's "Boom Clap" and Birdy's "Not About Angels" available for purchase now. The soundtrack also includes songs by Ray LaMontagne, The Radio Dept, Jake Bugg, Kodaline and Ed Sheeran, the latter of whom's "All of the Stars" is apparently going to be the end credits song. This, according to a Tweet from Sheeran:

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The full soundtrack arrives May 19, a couple of weeks ahead of The Fault In Our Stars' June 6 release.

Here's the previously released trailer...

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