The Fault In Our Stars Movie Featurette Showcases Hazel And Gus' Romance

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort can currently be found playing siblings in Divergent, which tore up the box office last weekend. But we'll see them in a whole new context in a few months when another book-to-screen adaptation arrives in theaters. The duo are set to play love interests in the feature adaptation of John Green's emotional teen drama The Fault In Our Stars. Following up on the trailer for the film, 20th Century Fox has offered up this minute-long featurette, which focuses on Woodley and Elgort's chemistry as Hazel and Gus, two teens who meet at a cancer support group.

"It's a love story about two kids with cancer, but it's not about cancer," Woodley says when describing The Fault in our Stars in the above video. She goes on to say that she and the cast really clicked. And it certainly seems that way as we see some happy behind-the-scenes moments and even more on-camera smiles between Woodley's Hazel and Elgort's Gus.

John Green's book manages to be both a feel-good story and heartbreakingly moving all at once, which may be what he was going for. From the footage we've seen for Josh Boone's adaptation of the story, it seems like the movie will capture a similar tone. In the book, we're introduced to Hazel as she attends a Cancer Kid Support Group, expecting more of the same as she continues to fight her terminal disease. And then she meets Augustus Waters and the two spark instantly.

What's so compelling about the story is that it captures what feels like a realistic mindset of a teenager who has all the same hopes and desires as any other teen, but recognizes that life offers her a much shorter timeline. Her connection with Gus brings a lot of that to the surface. Without going into specifics about how this story plays out, I will admit to a steady trickle of tears throughout the last 20% of the book. But as I've admitted in the past, I tend to get as emotional over happy moments as I do over sad ones, and there are plenty of both in Green's story.

Everything we've seen for the movie suggests that Woodley and Elgort are great choices for the leads and this latest featurette is no exception. Here's the previously released trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, which hits theaters June 6.

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