Welcome back, gore mavens. It’s been another up-and-down week for horror, with the red band trailer for Cheap Thrills raising some folks’ blood pressure, while news of an I Saw the Devil remake made some people want to raise a gun to their heads. Bang! That wasn’t a gun; it was The Fear Monger waiting to come inside.

It would be impolite to pay a long visit without a couple of short bits, and we’ve got two. First, Eli Roth’s next flick, the cannibal horror The Green Inferno, has chewed its way to a September 14, 2014. Second, there is word that director Chad Ferrin (Someone’s Knocking at the Door) will be adapting the 2008 Alterna Comics’ prison horror The Chair from Peter Simeti and Kevin Christensen, and the film’s screenplay will be written by the comic’s editor Erin Kohut. Now let us in.

M IS FOR MASTICATE from Robert Boocheck on Vimeo.

Contest-Winning M is for Masticate Will be in The ABCs of Death 2
Earlier this year, Drafthouse Films began a contest allowing amateur filmmakers to enter their shorts as the "M" entry in the sequel to their twisted anthology flick The ABCs of Death. The recently announced winner, Robert Boocheck, is an accomplished commercial and music video director obviously inspired by a recent news rash that spread like wildfire. I assume you’ve watched the short already. If not, watch it above or check it out on his Vimeo page.

Set to the song "A Pearl is not a Diamond" by the group White Fence, the short is an almost hypnotic trip down a city street with a shirtless man intent on letting nothing stand in his way. Though his intent is mysterious at first, it’s soon revealed he just wanted to bite someone’s neck out because he was fucked up on bath salts. Killer twist ending. Killer editing when he gets shot. Everything’s a win. I can’t wait for the second film, which will probably be just as wildly uneven as the first, but will feature films from the likes of The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt, E.L. Catz (Cheap Thrills), Bill Plympton (The Tune), Vincenzo Natali (Cube) and Sion Sono (Suicide Club), just to name a few.

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