In his long history of comedy filmmaking, Will Ferrell has almost always found himself surrounded by cast members equally adept to going for the funny stuff. Maybe it's something left over from his Saturday Night Live days, or maybe he's just that easy to work with, but either way the chances are good that Ferrell and his co-star are going to have at least one gut-busting scene together. With Josh Gad signing on as the Roger Ebert to Ferrell's Russ Meyer in Russ And Roger, the streak looks like it will continue for now, but it leaves us with a big question to be answered: Out of all of the co-stars he's managed to click with in his career, who's the best co-star to have made their bones in a Will Ferrell movie?

Brace yourselves, as we're about to evaluate days of Ferrell past and count down the 10 best partners to buddy up with the weird and wondrous man we know as Will Ferrell.

Kevin Hart
10. Kevin Hart (Get Hard)
Get Hard is a prime example of a movie that tried to become the next big thing, and wound up becoming a perfect film to find its audience in future TBS reruns. You can tell that putting Will Ferrell in a movie with Kevin Hart was a very calculated move, as Hart's rising star seemed destined to cross a comedic mainstay like Ferrell's path. The big problem with Get Hard's attempted dynamic is the fact that it can't decide which member of the pair is the straight man is and which one is the zany madman. In a more focused product, this might have been a duo to look out for. Instead, they chose the "safe" route and came in low.

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