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Finding Dory Reveals Two New Characters

Finding Nemo, which debuted in 2003, is still one of the best loved animated films of the new millennia. Now, that popular Pixar story is getting a sequel next year, and everyone’s favorite forgetful blue tang fish is about to get her own story in Finding Dory. We’re starting to get some additional info on the other characters in the movie, and today we got a look at two of Dory’s new friends.

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The new photo appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s Twitter feed, and I have to say, I’ve already got a good feeling about these two new characters. While Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks have returned to play Dory and Nemo’s dad, Marlin, the newcomers seen above will be played by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actress Kaitlin Olson.

Finding Dory follows Dory six months after Finding Nemo ends, as she goes on a journey to find her long lost parents. Along the way she comes across a marine life rehabilitation facility, and meets a small beluga whale, Bailey (Ty Burrell), and a large whale shark, Destiny (Kaitlin Olson). The main characters from the original movie had some recognizable flaws that made them underdogs, and these two are no different. Bailey has difficulty using his sonar capabilities, and Destiny isn’t so great at swimming straight. And, since Dory has quite a short-term memory problem, these three will fit together just fine.

One of the best parts of Finding Nemo was watching the characters overcome what could have been crippling disabilities. Dory and her forgetfulness, Marlin and his rampant paranoia, and Nemo with his underdeveloped fin. All of them could have chosen to hide out instead of living fully, but, ultimately the film is about striving to succeed in the face of whatever our inherent difficulties are. The trio find ways to overcome their challenges and use teamwork to get through hard times.

It seems that Finding Dory will build on the same themes as the original movie, since Marlin and Nemo appear to be along for the ride at least part of the way in the new film, and I’m sure Dory will get help from a variety of other sea life as she searches for her folks. Well, right now it looks like Bailey and Destiny will make fine new additions to our favorites from the Finding Nemo crew, and are certain to make their own mark on this new film.

Finding Dory opens on June 17, 2016.

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