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First Hitchcock Trailer Reveals Anthony Hopkins Channeling Alfred Hitchcock

Recently slated for a release date in the thick of awards season, the Fox Searchlight drama Hitchcock is suddenly looking like a much bigger deal than we might have expected-- and the first trailer for the film is plenty of evidence why. Starring Anthony Hopkins as the titular, legendary director, with Helen Mirren as his wife Alma, Hitchcock goes behind the scenes of his most famous film Psycho with a story that might be as interesting as the one set at the Bates Motel. Take a look at the trailer below.

You can also watch it in high-res at Apple (opens in new tab).

There's no lack of movies set behind the scenes of another movie-- Hollywood is endlessly fascinated by itself, of course-- but the story of making Psycho looks unusually intriguing. Who knew Hitchcock had to mortgage his own house to pay for it? Who knew it was his wife's idea to kill off Janet Leigh in that immortal shower scene, just 30 minutes into the movie? I don't know how many historical liberties director Sacha Gervasi and write John J. McLaughlin are taking here, but they seem to be crafting a surprisingly dramatic story, especially since it's behind-the-scenes of a movie we all know will become a classic.

Though the trailer focuses largely on Hopkins and Mirren's performances, with a little bit from Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, there's a killer cast at work here, including Jessica Biel, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Danny Huston and James D'arcy as Anthony Perkins, who you might remember best as Norman Bates. Even with all of that-- and Hopkins's undeniably uncanny performance as Hitchcock-- the thing I like best about this trailer might be our first listen to Danny Elfman's score, which is energetic but with plenty of shades of creepy. Los Angeles residents will be getting the first look at Hitchcock when it opens the AFI Film Festival on November 1, but the rest of us won't have much longer to wait-- it comes to theaters November 23.

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