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No doubt hoping to grab the notice of frenzied Hunger Games fans, EW has chosen the day of the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted franchise's debut to reveal a frightening first look at her next effort, the upcoming horror feature House at the End of the Street. In this flick, due out this fall, Lawrence stars opposite Elizabeth Shue as Elissa and Sarah, a daughter and mother who, after moving into a new home, stumble upon the horrendous past of their handsome yet cryptic next-door neighbor Mark. Max Thieriot (Chloe) plays this young man whose presence has been disturbing the locals since his sister slaughtered their parents before taking off into the woods and vanishung.

Despite Mark's spooky reputation and ostracized social status, Elissa begins a friendly relationship with him, bonding over a shared understanding of familial secrets. Of course, her absent father's rocker lifestyle and mother's overcompensating sense of parenting doesn't really compare to Mark's family baggage, and before long she uncovers more of his family's shocking secrets.

House at the End of the Street's director Mark Tonderai was reluctant to divulge too much about the image above, admitting only, "She’s basically managed to get into Max’s house, waiting for his character, and she’s made a discovery there about his family and is trying to hide before her presence is detected."

Tonderai went on to say that Mark's sister is sort-of a local bogeyman, with townsfolk insisting that this crazed killer still lurks in the woods. "But," suggests Tonderai, "Is she out in the woods? And if she is, how does she feel about her brother getting involved with somebody else?”

Despite his attempt at discretion, Tonderai appears to imply that Lawrence—in the requite low-cut white top—has spotted Mark's sister, or perhaps Mark's true nature? While the image itself isn't very thrilling, looking like an analogue of a slew of other horror flicks with terrified, busty heroines, the cast is promising as is Tonderai's goal to explore the effects of a parent's love—for better or worse—on their child.
“It’s very much about a girl who’s becoming a woman, but her mother still feels she can do an audit on her life. The daughter is rebelling against that. She’s the petulant daughter, and [Shue] is the mother who doesn’t understand.”

How this feeds into the freaky family next-door remains to be seen, but color me intrigued.

House at the End of the Street opens September 21st.

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