The First Look At Kong: Skull Island Has Arrived, Watch It Now

Since his debut in 1933, King Kong has emerged from the jungles of Skull Island in various forms and fighting several different foes through the decades. The upcoming film Kong: Skull Island is set to revisit the larger than life creature in his natural habitat, and we have our first look at the cast and sets of the new film in the first look below.

MTV grabbed the scoop on the upcoming reboot to the famed movie creature, which stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Corey Hawkins, and Jason Mitchell – just to name a few. Hiddleston plays Captain James Conrad, the de-facto mission commander of the expedition at the heart of Kong: Skull Island, while Larson plays Weaver, a photojournalist who accompanies said expedition. Both have a respect and understanding of nature that will more than likely run against whatever true purpose they've been sent to Skull Island, which may or may not help them survive on the infamous island.

Kong: Skull Island is the eighth film to feature the legendary beast at the forefront, with the story's time-frame being updated to the 1970's for the second time after the 1976 remake starring Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin and Jessica Lange. This time around, the period setting will see veterans of the Vietnam War going head to head with the mythical beast and his co-horts, with two of those soldiers being played by Straight Outta Compton stars Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell. The threat looks pretty real, as the sets for the Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed film have a mix of practical elements and as of yet unseen CGI elements. While we don't see the monsters in tonight's first look, we did manage to see what the scope of Kong: Skull Island looks like, and it is massive.

Upon further inspection of the brand new footage from Kong: Skull Island it looks like we can also begin to piece together the roles that Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman are playing. From the looks of it, Samuel L. Jackson looks to be a member, if not the leader of, a platoon of soldiers present on the island. Meanwhile, John Goodman looks and sounds like some sort of big-wig involved on the mission to presumably discover, and possibly capture, King Kong. This, of course, is assuming Kong: Skull Island follows the same story beats as the original template. Something that star Tom Hiddleston has spoken to the contrary on, as he promises this Kong will be, "as you've never seen him before."

We'll see if Tom Hiddleston is right when Kong: Skull Island brings the beast back home on March 10th, 2017.

Mike Reyes
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