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How badass is Vin Diesel? So badass he’s decided to be one of the only celebrities to use Facebook instead of Twitter. In particular, he’s using it to tease his new Chronicles of Riddick sequel.

Riddick 3 is being billed as a gritty, simplified, back to basics approach to the character. It’ll be more like Pitch Black than the second, galaxy-spanning movie. In it, Riddick is left for dead on a barren alien planet. That means a lot of Vin being chased by bounty hunters and fighting local monsters. And speaking of monsters, here’s your first look at one of the alien beasties which could show up in the movie. Vin took to his Facebook page tonight to show off early concept art for Chronicles of Riddick 3. The picture below came with this caption: “Early Riddick concept art... first frame of a 2D Motion Choreography Study. Grrrr... The Furian... left for dead...”

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