When the list of films that will be part of the Sundance Film Festival are announced in late November and early December, it can feel like an overwhelming deluge. After all, most of these are titles you've never heard of before, and even if there are a few star-driven vehicles that catch your attention, you can guarantee the next Beasts of the Southern Wild or even The Sessions could totally slip by you. That's the fun of going to the festival-- you walk into a movie knowing nothing about it, and come out knowing you've just seen the next big thing.

But there are also plenty of movie stars to choose from at Sundance, and some of them in pairings so intriguing that everybody has to pay attention. That's probably exactly what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going for with Don Jon's Addiction, which is the actor's debut as a director. He stars opposite Scarlett Johansson as a "modern day Don Juan" who "attempts to change his ways." It's unclear how Johansson's character fits into the picture, but as you can see in the first image from the film below, she might just be the girl to convince him to straighten up and fly right.

Ignoring the fact that JGL looks a bit like an extra from Magic Mike in that vest, there's not a ton to go on here-- her face looks reproachful, but it might be a moment of intimate connection that I'm just not picking up on? With Sundance only about a month and a half away, we won't have long to find out for ourselves, and I guarantee Don Jon's Addiction will be one of those Sundnace screening that has people lining up in droves. Sure, people go there to see the best in independent film… but there's nothing that pack 'em into a theater like a movie star.

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