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IESB claims to know who Warner Bros. wants to direct The Flash. It’s someone named Greg Berlanti, whose name makes him sound like he should be hosting a low-rent afternoon talkshow following Ellen Degeneres. But he had a hand in writing the upcoming Green Lantern movie and he’s directed a couple of dramedies you’ve never seen. He’s not a complete newbie.

The bigger news here though is that The Flash may actually be happening. A movie version of the famed DC Comics speedster has languished in the lower levels of development hell for years now, with no real movement. Now with the recent rumors that Chris Nolan may have been put in charge of shepherding a new Superman and that David Goyer is involved in writing it, Warner Bros. seems to be getting serious about turning their superhero properties into something, well, super. They’ve seen what Marvel’s doing and hopefully they’ll duplicate it with DC. They’ve got Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern going. The next big DC character is definitely The Flash and it looks like maybe he’s finally, after years of waiting, off and running.

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