It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard any news on Fletch Won, the prequel to the hit Chevy Chase movies. Last we heard, Kevin Smith had been taken off the project, and with him the hope of having Jason Lee play the title role. Instead, Zach Braff had been hired for the lead, with the rumor that Braff’s friend Bill Lawrence (creator of “Scrubs”) would be given writing/directing duties.

Early this morning on his personal blog, Zach Braff confirmed that Lawrence had been hired by Harvey Weinstein to write and direct Fletch Won, only ten months after the initial rumors started. Variety today has confirmed Weinstein’s attachment, but oddly says no casting decisions have been made. Is Variety wrong on this or was that initial Braff casting story from MTV just a rumor after all?

Regardless of the current casting situation, both Braff and Variety emphasise Lawrence’s fan status towards the original Chase movies. Having someone who appreciated the original movies is most certainly a plus for a new chapter. Lawrence is currently slated to begin production on Fletch Won in April when “Scrubs” goes on hiatus.

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