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If you woke up this morning thinking, ”Man, I really think there aren’t enough voodoo horror movies out there,” then I’ve got some excellent news for you. Vipaka is on the way and it just added to its growing cast of characters, with The Last King of Scotland star Forest Whitaker jumping on board to take the lead and produce.

Vipaka will follow Whitaker, an unhinged contractor looking for direction in his life. He visits a life coach who has spiritual visions, whom he eventually kidnaps and uses to terrorize the coach’s own family. This comes from THR, and I think their description might be a little lacking as this sounds kind of hollow and pointless. Once writer Sin Shimosawa completes the script, more details will probably fill the story out. However, given how quick Whitaker has been to jump on the direct-to-DVD train after his Oscar win, I guess we shouldn’t be shocked if he's hopped on to a weak horror movie, successfully keeping the spotlight off of himself.

Set to star alongside Whitaker is Anthony Mackie, of The Hurt Locker fame, who will be playing the life coach, and actors Mike Epps and Sanaa Lathan with fill in as his brother and wife respectively.

Director Phillipe Caland has stepped in to helm the project, having previously worked with Whitaker on his sophomore directorial outing, the critcally panned (by the few who saw it anyway) Ripple Effect. Hopefully the previously built relationship and chemistry between the two will create something a little more dynamic and engaging than what the initial story details make it sound like. More on Vipaka as it moves in to production.