All signs point to there never being the Mamma Mia 2 that everyone was threatening around the first time that jukebox musical movie became such a massive hit. But don't think you're in the clear just yet, and in fact, it might get worse. Deadline reports that Fox 2002 is putting together a project that would do for the Beach Boys what Mamma Mia! did for ABBA, crafting "a storyline with the surf and fun prevalent in the band's many hits." Susannah Grant, the screenwriter behind Erin Brockovich and The Soloist, will be handling the writing.

Jukebox musicals have been a never-ending plague on Broadway for over a decade now, starting with ABBA and Mamma Mia! , morphing into Billy Joel and Movin' Out and now bringing us the ever-present Jersey Boys for the Four Tops and American Idiot for Green Day. I think it would probably be worse for the Beach Boys musical to actually be on stage-- so much fake sand! so many painted ocean backdrops!-- but that still doesn't mean this is anything other than a icepick-in-skull level bad idea. Remember how Julie Taymor completely trivialized the Beatles catalog with Across the Universe? It's about to happen again, and probably at the hands of someone with less visual imagination than Taymor.

As someone who actually paid to see Mamma Mia!, I really owe you guys an apology. The trend has become a monster larger than us all.
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