Fright Night 2 Being Planned, May Star David Tennant And McLovin

Director Craig Gillespie’s remake of Fright Night won’t be out till August, but if any of what we saw during out visit behind the scenes pans out, there’s a chance that this particular redo could be really good. Apparently DreamWorks agrees, because internally at least, they’re already talking sequel.

The original 1985 movie got a sequel too, in the form of 1988’s not particularly well remembered Fright Night Part 2. That movie didn’t really pick up where the original left off, but we hear that this new sequel, if it happens, will be a direct sequel to the remake. To do that, they’ll have to abandon most of the cast (for spoilery reasons, if you’ve seen the original Fright Night you know why) and instead of having the sequel star Anton Yelchin and Colin Ferrell, Fright Night 2 will star David Tennant with a little help from Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

In the current Fright Night Tennant is set to play Vegas magician Peter Vincent. Vincent is set to be more of a side character in the remake, a performer who specializes in horror-themed tricks. But since he’s played by the infinitely awesome former Doctor David Tennant, don’t be surprised if he ends up stealing scenes. Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse on the other hand, is a best friend character named Evil Ed.

Our source tells us that DreamWorks is considering turning the franchise over to David Tennant for Fright Night 2. The followup would take place in a new city where Peter Vincent not only has to deal with vampires, but potentially other unexpected problems. Evil Ed wouldn’t be the movie’s villain, they’d go another direction, but Evil Ed will be in it.

Doctor Who fans should be elated at the prospect of David Tennant finally getting his due with a starring role in a major studio project, but for now everything hinges on how audiences respond to the remake. The sequel is being discussed internally, Craig Gillespie might even be back in the director’s chair for the second one, but nothing will be set in motion until the Fright Night remake hits theaters and either gets a thumbs up or thumbs down from the crowds. Until then, file this under rumor.

Josh Tyler