Fright Night Trailer: Colin Farrell Is The Worst Vampire Neighbor Ever

You may have already caught the details from our visit to the edit bay of Fright Night, the DreamWorks project that remakes the 1980s horror comedy. Now IGN has released the first official trailer for the Craig Gillespie-directed film, and you can watch it below. In the updated version, Anton Yelchin plays Charley Brewster, a high school kid who doesn't realize that a vampire named Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) has moved in next door. It's only after Charley discovers the truth, however, that an epic game of cat and mouse begins where Charley has to protect the people he loves and cares about from a soulless monster.

Check out the trailer below.

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To correspond with the trailer release, Dreamworks has also sent out a brand new still from the film, which you can see below. To see it full size be sure to click on it, and for more from Fright Night be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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