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Frozen's Songs Come To The Rescue Of Firefighters And Scared Little Girls

We're running out of ways to explain what a big deal Frozen is. Yes, it's a massive hit that's won Oscars, absolute fan adoration and the promise of a stage interpretation. But the magic of Disney's latest princess tale is still spreading across demographics. Everyone loves Frozen, from firefighters to frightened little girls. And sometimes, a little bit of "Let It Go" can be a real lifesaver. Here's two stories of little girls who channeled bravery of Elsa and Anna to overcome their own scary moments.

Fox News reported on a heartwarming story of heroics and kindness. When firefighters were called to the scene of a stalled elevator in Reading, Massachusetts, they found caught in between floors Kristin Kerr, her infant son, and her terrified four-year-old Kaelyn Kerr. To get them out, they needed to coax all three out of the elevator's roof, climbing up a ladder and over the wall to the next floor. This was too much for little Kaelyn, who began to panic.

No problem. Thankfully, this clever crew knew just what to do. Before they lifted her to make the climb, firefighter Scott Myette pulled out his phone and played "Let It Go" to calm her down. Myette and his partner John Keough then joined in, singing along as Kaelyn was lifted to safety.

As a father, Myette considered what would have made his own kids mellow out in such a situation. Frozen's widely loved theme was an obvious choice. "It worked," said Keough. "We got her to a point where she was comfortable with us and up the ladder we went, right up and over, no problem."

But when there's no adults are clever enough to soothe a kid with a Frozen song, it's up to kids to do it themselves. That's exactly what little Francesca did when faced with the gruesome fate of having a splinter removed. Buzzfeed tipped us to her self-soothing rendition of "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?"

Francesca's father posted the vid with the description:

"Poor Francesca singing while mom removes a splinter from her knee. Singing through the pain. It not as bad as she makes it seem"

Hey, there's something wholly unpleasant about getting a splinter removed. Francesca, girl, we feel your pain! Know we're singing along in spirit.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.