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Fast and Furious 7 was predicted to rake in the big bucks for Universal, and this theory is quickly proving to be true. The seventh installment of the beloved streetcar franchise has already opened overseas, in major international markets, no less, and the numbers are looking pretty fantastic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fast and Furious 7 has already totaled $16.9 million in overseas box-office revenue — that also includes special previews in 22 territories. The trade postulates that this film could break the record for highest-grossing movie to premiere domestically in April. So far, Captain America: The Winter Soldier holds that title, having earned $95 million. With these new early numbers, Fast and Furious 7 is heading down the box-office road to the tune of $115 million, though THR states it could very well earn more. The film could also break more records for biggest opening of 2015 to date and the largest three-day opening. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had a similar extended opening in 2013 and earned $158 million.

UPDATE: The box-office numbers for North American Thursday night screenings are in. THR reports that Fast and Furious 7 has already taken in $15.8 million, which far surpassed Fast and Furious 6's opening night numbers ($6.5 million).

There are many draws for the fans of Fast and Furious. For one, Furious 7 was originally supposed to open in theaters back in 2014, which is why some box-office experts speculated that the year’s overall revenue didn’t do so hot. Furthermore, Fast and Furious 6 did very well and people want to continue the story. But most importantly, many want to know how the film will handle the late Paul Walker. The actor tragically died in a car crash back in November of 2013, breaking our hearts and halted production as the cast and crew paid their respects. Director James Wan sat down with Universal to figure out what the next step should be. Walker had filmed the majority of his scenes at the time, which would leave few options for finishing the ones remaining. Ultimately the decision was made to enlist Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb. The two stepped in to the role of Brian O’Conner for a handful of scenes, and CGI was used when needed. Take all of this with the reminder that this will be the last time we see Paul Walker on screen again, and these early numbers for the film are justified.
In addition to Fast and Furious 7, 2015 is looking to make stellar amounts of mullah. We’ll also see Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1) and Ant-Man (July 17), as well as Jurassic World (June 12), Terminator: Genisys (July 1), the final installment of The Hunger Games (November 20), the next James Bond movie (November 6) and, don’t forget, Star Wars: Episode 7 (December 18). Start saving your money, folks, and pray for more rainy days.
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