The Future Of High-Tech Matchmaking Hits The Movies

Haven’t heard of scriptwriter Chris McCoy? That’s because he sold his first script this month. Turns out March is magic for him, because he just sold his second script as well! DreamWorks bought McCoy’s future-set sci-fi romantic comedy, Good Looking. And, if you think that the only thing Philip K. Dick novels are missing is a little romance, you’re going to love the concept for this film.

Good Looking will follow the story of one man who decides to flout the newest form of high-tech dating. THR reports that the film is a cuter version of Minority Report. McCoy’s script explores a futuristic world in which a person’s soul-mate is chosen for them from around the world via sci-fi technology. The protagonist of the story decides that the person chosen for him isn’t actually his better half, so he keeps looking.

McCoy came up with the concept for the film while in London, after noticing the intensive surveillance of its citizens via hidden cameras all over the city. The screenwriter muses "If someone could organize that information and know what everyone in London was doing and eating and who they're dating and who they're going home with, then that's an incredibly powerful tool.” It would indeed be a powerful tool, but creepy as well. McCoy takes another logical step and posits that with all that surveillance, a special service could find your true soul-mate, based on who you actually are. He says, "I think I have an oddball brain or something, but then I started thinking about how all that stuff could be applied to matchmaking. It would totally subvert and eHarmony, (where) I think people lie about who they are or they say what they think people will want them to be. But ‘Good Looking,’ my service, knows who they are and can put them together." Since everyone knows that some of the cutest romances have a touch of sci-fi (think What Planet are you From?, My Stepmother is an Alien, or Starman), I’m betting this movie will be worth watching, even if it is a little cheesy.