Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. An unofficial national holiday, when major Hollywood studios pay millions to sneak 30 seconds of their summer tent poles in hopes of catching the wandering eyes of sports fans who haven’t gotten up at the commercial break to use the bathroom, get another beer or refill their plates with snacks. Oh yeah, and a football game is taking place between some teams, I guess. Whatever. Paramount Pictures already announced that they’d have a G.I. Joe: Retaliation spot during the big game. They teased it last night on ET, and we have it below.

Quick, right? Like I said, it’s a tease. I do find it interesting that they’re choosing to play up Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis in the sequel … two actors who, while major stars, weren’t part of the first film. So even though the 2009 feature The Rise of Cobra grabbed more than $300 million at the global box office, this seems to suggest that the studio wants us to think of this as a new, and decidedly bigger, project. I’m glad that they’re still using that shot of Willis lying in the back of a truck and firing off a massive gun – the one we first saw at the tail end of the official trailer. Because it’s awesome.

Pay attention to the commercial breaks this Sunday, film fans. According to our resources, we’ll also see trailers and teasers for The Avengers, Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator, two Star Wars spots for Volkswagen, and a possible Act of Valor clip.

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