Star Trek had a rousing revival thanks to J.J. Abrams' reboot back in 2009, so why not a resurrection of its quirky but beloved parody, Galaxy Quest? It turns out a sequel script may exist.

Over at MTV, Jordan Hoffman did a comprehensive oral history of the creation, release and legacy of Galaxy Quest, the sci-fi comedy released back in 1999 that has since garnered a large cult following. The piece is a long read, but a totally worthwhile one. And if you can recite Alan Rickman's vengeance vow, then it's an absolute must-read. But for now, we'd like to focus on the very end of this extraordinary piece, and the enticing possibility of Galaxy Quest 2.

Galaxy Quest was an oddity when it was first made and released, as it was barely interfered with by the studio, but not well understood by them either. This led to a marketing/release strategy that set Galaxy Quest up to fail. However, the $45 mil movie made $90 mil worldwide, and its reputation only grew in home release. So what about a sequel?

The film's onscreen Captain, Tim Allen, declared, "There’s a sequel somewhere. It’s written, but I haven’t really gotten a straight answer about it, but Hollywood is a very peculiar place. It is none of my business."

Sam Rockwell, who memorably played a defacto red-shirt called "Guy" in the film, would be game. "Fuck yeah, a sequel would be amazing," he said before adding, "If it was a respectful script to Galaxy Quest."

Sigourney Weaver, who played against type by taking on the role of busty blonde Gwen DeMarco, is willing and prepared to reprise the role. "We are all ready for a sequel. I still have my costume!" (Actually, she stole it.)

Producer Mark Johnson thinks there's still enough fan enthusiasm over Galaxy Quest that a sequel would have an audience. And he believes the first film's director Dean Parisot would be interested to return to this silly science-fiction setting. But by Johnson's count, Galaxy Quest 2 lives or dies by the involvement of its predecessor's screenwriter, Robert Gordon.

While Tim Allen insists there is a script out there, Gordon is cagier, admitting only, "On the record, I definitely have ideas for a sequel." From there, he requested that Hoffman shut off his recorder so he could say more off the record!

Robert Gordon may be keeping mum on his ideas for Galaxy Quest 2, but Tim Allen readily shared his pitch:
"How’s this for a sequel: it’s 15 years later. The Thermians come back, but they haven’t aged. Maybe they don’t have warp anymore so it took 15 years. They have to search for a new homeland. Sarris [the main villain] is gone but his family never forgets and you take it from there. . ."

Would you see Galaxy Quest 2?
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