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For a while, Star Wars and Star Trek fans have feuded over which is the superior series of sci-fi/fantasy stories. Is it possible that they’ll ever agree? Maybe not when it comes to Star Wars and Star Trek, but it’s possible that a universal dislike of Twilight could be the thing that brings these two fandoms together. That seems to be what Trek’s George Takei is hoping for as he humorously petitions fans to lay down their figurative lightsabers and phasers and join forces against a common enemy.

Check it out in the video below, which includes footage of William Shatner and Carrie Fischer taking digs at one another and likely fueling the already ever-burning fire that is the argument over which Star-story is better than the other. After which, George Takei appears and reaches out to both fandoms as he expresses firm disapproval of Twilight...

“Gone is any sense of heroism, camaraderie or epic battles. In its place, we have vampires that sparkle, moan and go to high school...” Takei states, as he seeks Star-peace among sci-fi fans and requests that they band together against this mutual threat. To emphasize his point of unity, he suggests that his Star-friends “live and let live... long and prosperously, and may the force be with you... always.”

As amusing as his thoughts are, as are his mentions of Blade and Buffy, two characters that existed in a not-so-long-ago era when vampires were mostly threatening and didn’t sparkle, Takei raises some good points about the lack of profound life lessons to be had in Twilight. Agree?