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Gerard Butler Rom-Coms With Katherine Heigl

While I’m normally hesitant to endorse a remake of anything, I now find myself wishing the Escape from New York remake that was rumored a few months ago had actually happened. If it had, maybe Gerard Butler would be busy playing the new Snake Plissken, a role for which he’d be awesome, saving him from being stuck in the project I’m about to tell you about.

Instead of strapping on an eyepatch and kicking ass the way god intended for all men with abs like that, King Leonidas will make a rom-com with Hollywood’s new discount Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl. The movie is The Ugly Truth, a “battle of the sexes comedy” being shot in April and distributed by Sony upon completion.

In it, Heigl plays a romantically challenged morning show producer (aw) who agrees to let her chauvinist correspondent Mike Alexander (Butler) make her the subject of his TV segment “The Ugly Truth”. In it, he puts her through a series of tests designed to prove his relationship theories, and of course in the process she like totally falls for him and the music swells. I feel certain it’ll be the next Sleepless in Seattle.