With the success of Millenium Films' Olympus Has Fallen, star Gerard Butler is riding high in Hollywood. And as talk of a sequel to the White House under attack thriller brews, the Scottish leading man is being eyed for the opportunity to revive the long-stalled Kane & Lynch movie. THR reports The Nu Image/Millennium Films are in talks with Butler to front the film as Adam 'Kane' Marcus, while Fast and Furious 6's Vin Diesel has been offered the role of James Seth Lynch.

Based on the popular third person shooter video game series, Kane & Lynch will be an anti-hero thriller that follows two escaped death row inmates on a quest to retrieve a heisted fortune. But there's a relatively good intention behind the mayhem these violent and deranged men cause. See, Kane's out to rescue his wife and daughter who have been abducted by a crew of criminals called The 7, who believe Kane stole from them. To save his family, Kane will travel from Los Angeles to Japan and Cuba while evading the police to set things right. Lynch, a schizophrenic killer, will be in tow as his watchdog and wild card.

Should Butler sign on, he'd reunite with director F. Gary Gray, who is set to helm Kane & Lynch, and previously directed Butler in the hit Law Abiding Citizen. Funny enough, that film co-starred Jamie Foxx, who was attached to play Lynch in a prior incarnation of this project. That was back the spring of 2010 when stuntman Simon Crane was lined up for the director's chair and Bruce Willis was eyed to play Kane. By the summer of 2010, Gray was in talks to take on the film, but ultimately District 13: Ultimatum director Patrick Alessandrin was hired. However, he bailed one month before production was set to begin. Shortly thereafter, Willis followed him out and the Kane & Lynch movie seemed dead in the water.

Obviously, it would be great for Kane & Lynch if Butler and Diesel signed on, as both are hot commodities with 2013 hits under their belts. But with as rocky a past as the production has already encountered it seems too soon to assume this news means it's at long last a go. While we wait for word on whether or not these deals will shake out, tell us what you think of these casting choices.

What do you think of Butler & Diesel as Kane & Lynch?

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