There is a heavyweight comic showdown coming this summer. The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises. Marvel vs. DC. 3D vs. IMAX. This is the summer when you will finally be forced to make a choice, and that choice is just how many times you are going to see each film in theaters because, let's be honest, you're definitely going to see both at least once. While Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol may have made the strongest case for IMAX over 3D, these new specs might help tip the scales back to the third dimension.

So, realistically these new custom Avengers 3D glasses will do absolutely nothing to change in the viewing experience - although they do seem more form fitting and perhaps will cut down on that annoying feeling that you are watching a film through two frames, the one bordering the screen and the one(s) at the end of your nose - but they are pretty damn cool collectors items. This time the inflated 3D price (uh, plus another $5 for the customs) may be justified since we get to walk out of the theater sporting specs modeled after our favorite Avenger - as long as your favorite Avenger isn't Hawkeye, Black Widow or Nick Fury (although the Fury model might prove difficult in it's functionality). The image was originally posted on the Bad Taste website. Take a look and see what you think.

It's worth noting that Phantom Menace is doing the same thing with its re-release by handing out these sweet custom Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D specs, as well. They are basically replicas of young Anakin's pod racing googles and I'd be a huge liar if I said that I didn't want a pair. So, at least when George Lucas is reaching into your pocket for the umpteenth time, you get to walk away a little souvenir... pending that the cinemas don't charge extra! Merchandising!

The Avengers opens May 4, 2012.

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