New Ghostbusters Trailer Finally Shows Us The Film's Villain, And Wow

Everything that we have been hearing about this summer’s Ghostbusters is that it’s a remake, and not a reboot. It’s not trying to build off the previous two existing films. It’s basically trying to retell the original story, only with modern touches (and, of course, a female cast). This second full trailer for Paul Feig’s comedy certainly backs up that claim, hitting familiar beats from the first Ghostbusters story with noticeable tweaks. We also get our first glimpse at the rumored Big Bad in the comedy, a ghost we believe will be called "Rowan." He shows up at the end of this trailer. Enjoy!

As you can see in this new trailer, Ghostbusters will document the formation of a team of paranormal investigators, who are coming together at a time when New York City is facing an overwhelming amount of spirited activity. And this second full trailer for Paul Feig’s comedy increases the effects work being done to create the ghosts. The clip shows a longer version of the rock-concert scene, with the new Ghostbusters chasing a demonic dragon creature into a live concert… a chase that ends with the dragon perched on Leslie Jones’ shoulders.

But as I mentioned, there are beats in this trailer that harken back to the original film. We have the new Ghostbusters meeting with the mayor, explaining that apocalyptic forces are about to descend on the city. We learn a lot more about Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), the group’s receptionist who – according to this trailer -- will become possessed by a spirit and, we assume, cause problems for the ladies. And at the tail end of this teaser, we see what we think is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of this remake – the skyscraper-sized Rowan.

Ghostbusters has run into a ridiculous amount of pre-release negativity, with some vocal members of the geek culture complaining that their beloved franchise (which only had two films) should be left alone. I’m not sure that this new trailer is going to swing the momentum one way or the other for the group that already has made up its mind. But for those of us – myself, included – looking forward to seeing what this unquestionably funny team can accomplish in a Ghostbusters story, this trailer continues to give me hope. The effects look good (new Slimer is impressive). And if Ghostbusters consists of 95 minutes of me watching Kate McKinnon’s facial reactions, that will be money well spent.

Ghostbusters opens in theaters on July 15.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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