Giant Star Wars Map Lays Out The Entire Galaxy Far, Far Away

This is what happens when you crack the door open, even an inch, for the Star Wars aficionados roaming the Internet. You promise them a trilogy of new features, the first of which we know is going to be directed by J.J. Abrams. And all of a sudden, the usual fan-fiction die-hards are charting the farthest reaches of the Star Wars universe in a massive, sprawling map.

The map was posted on Discovery News. Tatooine, if you need a reference point, is in the bottom/center of the map, in the Outer Rim. Here’s the map. Click on it for the full, high-res image:

One thing that the map shows is how many new places the franchise can explore in the multiple planned films that will reach theaters in coming years. I’m not enough of a Star Wars fan to know if these are real places that have been mentioned in pre-existing novelizations, animated episodes of The Clone Wars or the political jargon that choked the prequels to death. Maybe there have been several major events that happened in the Seswanna Sector, or the Metellos Trade Route can and should be a factor in the updated trilogy. I just can’t get into this intricate mapping of fictional worlds. All I pray is that the new films are entertaining, whether they take place in Phu or Giju.

Rumors say Abrams’ Star Wars movie could have a female protagonist, and we’ve heard that there could be roles for original cast members like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. It’s all speculation now, and will be for some time. At least we have a map we can peruse.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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