Girl Next Door Writer-Director Luke Greenfield Sets Up Two New Features

Luke Greenfield's film credits are kind of all over the place. The writer-director should be best known for his underrated 2004 cult hit The Girl Next Door, starring Elisha Cuthbert, Emile Hirsch and Timothy Olyphant, but it's hard to overlook his first feature, The Animal, or his latest, Something Borrowed. In the middle of a story about Greenfield signing a new network deal at ABC, having directed the pilot for the their upcoming comedy Prairie Dogs, two new feature film projects emerged as also on tap for the filmmaker and his WideAwake production company.

Variety reports that Greenfield is developing two movies including new dramedy called The Last Bachelor and an untitled action-comedy at 20th Century Fox. Co-written by the director and Nicholas Thomas, Taylor Hamra and Jesse Sweet, The Last Bacheloris about a 30-something man who puts his life on pause in order to find the one. When the love-sick leading man finally finds his soulmate, his biological clock starts ticking. It sounds like an interesting romantic comedy set on playing with gender conventions.

The second project in development at WideAwake is the aforementioned action-comedy for Fox which is still searching for a title. The script is by Greenberg and Nicholas Thomas, but the former's writing partner on The Girl Next Door,Stuart Blumberg, has come aboard for a polish before the project starts casting. There aren't many details about the plot (hell, there's not even a title yet, give them a break) but according to Greenfield,

"This film is something I've been dying to see... It's a truly grounded action-comedy balancing comedy with serious danger. We've been writing it as a real character piece about two buddies who didn't become the guys they wanted to be and now they have a chance to do so, but with extreme consequences."