Are you excited for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reimagining, which promises to bring the scaly beast from the depths of the ocean for a summer popcorn thriller? Well, then, we have a little homework for you.

In preparation for the June release of Godzilla, Legendary has revealed an accompanying graphic novel, Godzilla: Awakening, that will be on sale on May 7. Edwards recorded a little piece about the book. Let’s let him explain:

Sounds like this will be a mini-prequel that will, as Edwards explains, "pave the way" to the reboot film… probably educating younger audiences who (or what) Godzilla even is. I mean, the last time the King of Monsters graced the screen, Matthew Broderick was a viable leading man and Roland Emmerich’s name above a title held promise. Yes, this was a long, long time ago, folks.

The Legendary site goes on to say that the new book will be co-written by Greg Borenstein and Max Borenstein, who handled the screenwriting duties on the upcoming movie. And while details are in short supply on the specifics of the story, it is revealed that the graphic novel will be "set decades before the film, [and] is the perfect way for fans to experience the new Godzilla before seeing it in theaters."

I actually like the idea, so long as Legendary is able to find a way to get audiences to check this out. Movies used to come with companion pieces all the time, though they’d largely be photographs from the picture, or interviews with the cast and crew. But a separate story that deepens the movie-going experience? That’s a cool way to access a film before it even opens in theaters. Heck, I think I’d prefer to read a few Avatar books then endure the sequels James Cameron has planned. Let’s save a fortune, free him from Pandora, and just commit the Avatar franchise to graphic-novel form.

But I digress. Godzilla was one of the movies I singled out as a pending blockbuster that could benefit from a kick-ass Super Bowl ad spot. I’m not sure it will happen, so we just might need to watch this effective trailer again and again as we patiently wait for May 16, 2014, when the film will open.

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