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Here in Louisiana, there are hurricanes whose destruction causes constant nightmares, but California citizens have it the worst. Earthquakes, Hollywood, Kaiju, Godzilla…I don’t need to go on, do I? Godzilla’s viral campaign continues on GodzillaEncounters.com, with the above image of a website “news report” available for our eyes. But not our ears, unfortunately, even though it’s a story about a sound file.

“Did you see the story today? What on Earth could make this sound, and where’s it headed now?” reads the caption. Now that we’ve seen the story, we know that whale bioacoustics research determined that “atypical broadband levels” signify “an unknown source of enormous size.” I’ll try not to dwell over this story containing three leading paragraphs of only one sentence each. This is a message of a possible disaster.

Godzilla will hit San Diego this week, just in time for Comic-Con!

I can play the one sentence game, too. We already knew the film had a panel on Saturday, July 20, and its streetside campaign, featuring destructive building art, warns of something larger than life is on its way. And the previous photos from the website imply that a boat in the Pacific was able to see what we assume is Godzilla’s head, so perhaps the creature’s size will be the entire draw of the film. It’s worrisome.

But hold on. It looks like they’re also trying to clue us in on something deeper, via red letters that appear in each picture. Put together in order of appearance, they read, “S-E-R-I,” which could perhaps end up reading “serious,” or “serial killer, giant lizard,” or “series goes on” or something. My guesses have their limits in both number and intelligence.

Director Gareth Edwards also left a message for everyone, specifically “Legendary fans,” where he stands in front of a mound of greenscreen-backed wreckage, and reveals they’re nearing the end of the shoot, as well as a not-quite-revealing image. Watch the video below.


So our hint is a sign with the website beneath the nuclear radioactivity hazard symbol? I would take a current post-nuclear warfare Godzilla, where two factions had to come to grips over a monster wanting to kill everyone, but if this is just some movie about corporations dumping waste into the water, and that Godzilla is actually just a mutated sea creature, I’m going to groan a lot.

Watch out for yourselves, people. Godzilla will crush theaters on May 16, 2014.