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Based on the new trailer for the Michael Dowse directed Goon, it looks as though Seann William Scott’s character Doug Glatt will make up for in punching what he lacks in the ability to talk proper smack on the ice.

JoBlo got the exclusive on the trailer below, which walks us through the general premise of Goon. Hockey fans are well familiar with the word goon, as it’s often used to label the muscle on the team. Hockey would likely lack its reputation for fighting if not for these often burly enforcers. Written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, Goon stars Scott as Doug Glatt, a “gentle giant” who’s discovered after being interviewed on his friend’s web-show and is given the opportunity to play on a minor-league team. Based on the trailer, fighting, hockey-humor and 69-jokes ensue.

Scott’s repeated use of an amusingly vacant expression, added to his general sweet, cluelessness has Goon looking like it could actually be funny and strangely sweet. Then again, this is coming from someone who loves a great hockey story. The cast doesn’t look so bad either, with Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy), Alison Pill (amazing in The Pillars of the Earth), Liev Schreiber (X Men: Origins) and Eugene Levy (Best in Show), joining Scott and Baruchel.

Goon is set to hit theaters on February 24th.

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