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Guardians Of The Galaxy's Director Snuck These Characters Into The Background

Spoiler warning! The video and the entire write-up below is filled with spoilers from the new blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. If you haven’t seen the film yet but don’t want any details ruined, I would recommend turning away now. Otherwise, enjoy!

From the prototype Captain America shield hidden in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man to the blink-and-miss-it reference to the Avengers Tower in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios movies are always jam packed with Easter Eggs – and the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy is no exception. Comic book fans will be able to analyze every frame of the movie for various references to the larger Marvel universe, and will surely be combing over it for years. To take a bit of a shortcut, I decided to just go straight to the source and ask writer/director James Gunn about all of the film’s coolest hidden secrets.

As you can see in the video embed above, prior to Guardians of the Galaxy’s release I had the chance to sit down with Gunn for a one-on-one on-camera interview, and I used part of my time to talk about the hidden little gems in the movie that audiences may not notice the first time around. He first began to talk about the very-noticeable Cosmo the Spacedog in The Collector’s museum – who has a bit of a stare down with Rocket – we then talked about two otherworldly beings who you probably didn’t see.

With a bit of nudging, I first got Gunn to confirm that Howard the Duck is not only featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy end-credits scene, but also during the main movie itself. He can be seen in a cage hanging from the ceiling of The Collector’s museum when Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket and Groot first walk in. The director was hesitant about mentioning the appearance, but then quickly admitted that it was actually his favorite in the movie.

You can also see a Chitauri (from The Avengers) and a Dark Elf (from Thor: The Dark World) in The Collector’s museum, but perhaps the most intriguing piece in the assemblage is a creature of James Gunn’s own creation: the tentacled slug-like alien from Slither. What makes this so interesting is that it could suggest that film – Gunn’s directorial debut – is actually part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As far as I can recall, the comic book movie world hasn’t yet made any mention about events taking place in South Carolina in 2006, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the R-rated horror film fits within the larger continuity. Even roles played by Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry and Nathan Fillion don't create too much of a problem, despite the fact that all of them have parts in both movies.

Of course, these aren’t the only Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs out there. Hit the comments below to tell us about the ones that you noticed and that others may have missed! For more of my interviews with the amazing cast of the Marvel Studios film - including star Chris Pratt - be sure to head over HERE.

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