"Who are you?"

That’s the question being asked by casual Marvel fans as they prepare to learn more about the Guardians of the Galaxy, a non-household-name band of superheroes that will get their turn in the white-hot spotlight this August.

Marvel is preparing to educate comic-movie fans on the existence and purpose of the Guardians with a trailer that will run during Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show on Tuesday night. But because we live in a time where trailers need trailers, Marvel just released this 19-second teaser to the full trailer. Where the hell is Rocket? I imagine we’ll see more of him later tonight. Enjoy this appetizer right now!

This truly is a teaser for a trailer. The driving drum beats and the quick-edit montage… it doesn’t tell us a lot about Guardians and if this was ALL that we were getting, I think that fans would be confused, upset and possibly angry. Like I said, there’s hardly any Rocket Raccoon, though there’s a tiny sliver of him on Groot’s shoulder. Tonight, the money shot awaits. (Well, it better!)

And our faces likely will look like this:

Chris Pratt face

What’s absent, at the moment, is the humor that was prevalent in the Comic-Con footage, the devil may care attitude that colors the Guardians that I’m confident James Gunn will bring to this team. It’s that attitude I really hope the full trailer brings to the table, for as Gunn one famously said, this team of rag-tag heroes is the "Rolling Stones" to the Avengers’ "Beatles." They are supposed to be the yang to Marvel’s existing yin, and I think that interplay is what’s going to drive several fans into the theaters for Guardians in August.

What else did we catch in the footage? Zoe Saldana doing her best Willow Smith impersonation:

Zoe Saldana

Drax in a Gatorade commercial:

Drax the Destroyer

And the shirtless and newly buff Pratt. For the ladies:

Chris Pratt abs

Obviously, our coverage is just warming up. We’ll have the full Guardians trailer once it drops this evening. And we’ll have full analysis of the clips and footage as the week rolls along. For now, what did you think of this teaser? Enough? Or are you simply passionate for more?

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