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The Guilt Trip Will Hit Blu-ray In April

PG-13 comedies, road trip movies, and Barbra Streisand all have pretty good followings, but despite all of these positives, The Guilt Trip failed to inspire audiences or their wallets. Whether it was the poor opening at the box office or the critical reviews that doomed this comedy, not a lot of people saw The Guilt Trip, which more often then not means the studio won’t put much effort into the home entertainment release. Luckily for fans, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Paramount Home Media Distribution’s flick.

The Guilt Trip will hit Blu-ray, DVD, digital download, and On Demand on April 30. Since the story follows a mother and son trip across the continental United States, Paramount seems to really want to push the flick as a movie you can watch with Mom, although if the distribution company really wanted to push the Mother’s Day connection, I’m uncertain why the film isn’t coming out a week later. Also, please tell me you already have a better gift than a Blu-ray planned for the one day of the year moms get appreciated.

If you are a fan of the flick, you are going to want to purchase the Blu-ray. It’s become a common trend for Blu-ray copies of a film to come with more bonus features than their DVD counterparts, but in this case, all of the bonus features will come with Blu-ray copies only. This will include plenty of funny moments between leads Streisand and Seth Rogen in the form of deleted scenes, gag reels, and alternate takes. You can check out the full list of Blu-ray bonus features, below.

The Guilt Trip Blu-ray Extras

  • “Barbra & Seth”
  • “Barbra’s World”
  • “Guilt Trip: A Real Mother of a Road Trip”
  • “In the Driver’s Seat”
  • “Not Really a Road Trip Movie”
  • Alternate Openings
  • Alternate Ending
  • Over 10 Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
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