Some of you may remember all the talk about Gwen Stefani’s burgeoning acting career before The Aviator came out. Then the movie came out and we all realized she was barely in the movie and what time she did have was barely enough to qualify as a speaking role.

Now talk of Gwen becoming some sort of great actress has resumed, this time courtesy of a Sky Showbiz article dug up by Moviehole. According to Sky, the holler back girl (I still don’t know what that means) is in talks to star in a remake of the 1956 movie Baby Doll. Gwen would play the lead role of Baby Doll Meighan, which only means something if you’ve seen the movie.

Baby Doll is the story of a senuous, 19-year-old virgin named Baby Doll who makes her husband wait a year after taking their vows before she’ll consummate their marriage. The husband, suffering the world’s worst case of blue balls (he’s married to Gwen Stefani after all), takes out his pent up aggression on a business rival by burning down his competitor’s plant. That works pretty good for awhile, until his rival meets his wife Baby Doll and decides to user her to take erotic vengeance.

The original was written by Tennessee Williams and was apparently a fairly controversial film in its time. The usual suspects screamed for suppression in the name of religion and eventually got it banned.

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