Hailee Steinfeld Aims To Kill In First Images From Barely Lethal

barely lethal still

Do you guys remember what it’s like to be a teenager (assuming you aren’t actually still a teenager)? There are a lot of new emotions that begin stirring around in the post-pubescent cauldron, and there’s a good chance that you wanted to annihilate other people at one point or another. This isn’t a problem that affects Megan Walsh, Hailee Steinfeld’s character in Kyle Newman's upcoming action comedy Barely Lethal. Our first look at the film, seen above, proves that Megan is probably equipped to do damage to just about anyone she wants. Bullies best beware.

Megan isn’t your average teenager, obviously, though that’s all she wants to be. She’s an international assassin, much more used to putting bullets in bad guys than taking standardized tests. All she wants is to live the life of a normal kid, however, so she fakes her own death and changes her identity so that she can enroll herself in high school. I’m pretty sure there are most kids would fake their own death to get out of school, but then again I’ve never lived the life of a contract killer. (Or have I?) Of course, Megan's previous life comes back to haunt her, just as she’s figuring out that the life of ordinary teen isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

While we’re not sure whether the image above comes from before or after her transition, it’s clear that she deserves an A for aiming guns. I’m not sure who she’s currently on top of, but I think it’s actress Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie), based solely on her uber-blonde hair.

Much more recognizable is the man in the below image, also courtesy of EW. Samuel L. Jackson, plays a character named Hardman – stifle your giggles – who will serve as Megan’s mentor. We can assume he’s telling her whether or not to accept any substitutes when she absolutely, positively has to kill every motherfucker in the room. Even though we don’t have any context, the picture serves as proof that Jackson can make any hat look good.

barely lethal still

The film also stars Jessica Alba as Megan’s former handler who turns into her nemesis after the whole death faking thing. In order to get revenge, she sends another teen agent, played by Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), into the high school in order to try and get Megan back over to her assassin roots. Something tells me it’ll be harder than she expects.

While it doesn’t have a release date just yet, audiences can expect to catch this action-packed estrogen fest at some point this year. Here’s hoping they keep all the gunplay out of the school itself, as that kind of behavior probably won’t make anyone laugh without making them also feeling uncomfortable.

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