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Harrison Ford Has A Message For Anyone Posting Star Wars Spoilers

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only a couple hours from finally being released in the U.S., but because it’s already been screened to select audiences around the world, spoilers are starting to spread across the Internet. It’s annoying enough when details about a highly anticipated movie are ruined before most people can see it, but with the newest Star Wars installment, it’s caused an uproar. That’s why Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, has some choice words for those trying to ruin the experience for others.

Ford delivered the stern message over Vine during an interview with Buzzfeed writer Scott Bryan, simply saying, "Don’t do that." The actor elaborated in a separate video that, if you paid for the movie, let others do the same and get the full satisfaction that you received. We’d be wise to heed the man who helped destroy the Death Star and made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs…okay, that was his character, but Ford carries just as much weight when it comes to dishing out common sense pointers related to Star Wars.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was screened for critics, celebrities, and other special guest this past Monday in Los Angeles, and it was released on Wednesday in select European markets. Navigating the Internet these next couple weeks will be tricky for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie since there are some who have turned to the Dark Side and are dropping huge spoilers. Even if you’re not deliberately looking up anything Star Wars related, there’s always the chance you might accidentally stumble upon something spoiler-y, but there are some actions that can be taken.

If you’re on Twitter, it might be wise to mute pages that you suspect might blab too much, and for Google Chrome users, the browser has added extensions that blur Star Wars-related content or give warnings before you continue to a page. Also, for anyone who happens to be browsing Wikipedia to check on details about the movie’s production, make sure you quickly scroll past the ‘Plot’ section. That sucker is already totally filled in. As for the deviants who are deliberately spoiling Star Wars: The Force Awakens, just make sure you don’t brag about it near Ford. Otherwise, he might start shooting at you with Han’s DL-44 blaster…or just start cursing you out. Either option is bad.

After years of waiting, moviegoers will finally be able to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight (depending on which theater you visit), but whether you’re seeing it today, this weekend, or further down the road, make sure you don’t spoil it for anyone else.

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